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Overall view featuring closeup of net with zooms of:

  1. (A)  3-position (shown), now 5 positions, molded cinch rope lock (to tighten down or feed more cinch rope)

  1. (B)  Snap hooks, an option for commercial users, for Military, used on HMMWV's, LTT's, & armored vehicles (wherever Footman Loops are used as attaching points)

  1. (C)  4" carabiners (optional)- Aluminum Body w/Stainless Steel Wire Gate, Will Never Rust

  1. (D)  Cinch rope affixed to net border at front of net

  1. (E)  Black nylon stowage bag with drawcord closure (easy-to-follow installation instructions are enclosed)

100% nylon-UV weather treated

Built in height adjustment using cinch rope

LoadTamer™ Specifications

  1. Net Composition: Non-elastic 100% nylon using a raschel (knotless & unraveling) woven netting process. Black in color.

  2. Net Border: Polypropylene rope borders each net. A cinch rope interlaces the net parallel to the rope border to accommodate numerous tie-down & height applications.

  3. Weatherized: All nets are dipped in clear latex solution to combat weather and U.V. deterioration, which also strengthens the bonding properties of the fibers.

  4. Cinch Lock: 5-position molded black nylon cinch rope lock secures the net in place after entire net & cinch rope have been adjusted to accommodate load height and assure a snug fit.

  5. Hardware: (all hardware is optional) Nets are held in place with black carabiners which attach to a variety of hardware devices depending on the design of the vehicle. (In Military Application HMMWV/LTT and armored applications, black snap hooks are used to affix the net to the vehicle footman loops. The hardware kits attach to the "D" rings in all vehicles for inside application.)

  6. Storage: All nets are individually shipped in a black nylon drawcord stow bag and include easy-to-follow installation instructions.

More Specifications
Loadtamer™ cargo nets - strong, rugged, & reliable.