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(800) 690-0425

Optional Sewn Rope Border Gives the LoadTamer cargo net a very strong edge for commercial hauling everyday use!

Our 2-1/2''square heavy duty netting on a peg board with a pencil for reference and perspective

Heat cut edge on our heavy duty nylon netting.

Available in 2 1/2 “& 4” hole sizes

700+ Pound Bar Break Strength

We also do custom shelf nets, storage bin nets, cubby nets, etc.

Our medium duty netting with a sewn rope border.

300 Pound Bar Break Strength


2.5” Heavy Duty Netting Up Close

w/ penny for reference.

4” Heavy Duty Netting Up Close

w/ penny for reference.

Medium Duty Netting Up Close

w/ penny for reference.

LoadTamer™ cargo nets offer you the user a superior way to haul and contain cargo in Pickups, utility vehicles, trailers, ATV's, stake bodies,  pretty much anything with a load floor Or cargo rack meant for hauling loads.The exclusive patented adjustable cinch rope system makes it all possible. The cinch rope can be pulled out anywhere on the perimeter of the net ( not just the corners) for numerous tie-down points and  height applications. To tighten, pull the cinch rope through the 5 position rope lock and close the handle. (Works kind of like a potato sack). It's that easy!!!

The nets conform to any size and shape of cargo. they are designed to be tangle free and user friendly so you and your workers want to use them. They conform to all state & federal laws regarding loose cargo loads in open vehicles.

Loadtamer™ cargo nets have been Used and Abused by all branches of the United States Military and foreign NATO forces for over 19 years in all climates hot and cold. We hold over forty five national stock numbers with the US military. The same grade netting we sell to the armed forces we sell to you.

  1. extremely strong and durable professional in every way made of long lasting heavy duty  black nylon

  2. Weather and U.V. Treatment on every net

  3. Available in any size rectangular or square to suit your needs

  4. No minimum order necessary , no job to small

  5. Off the shelf sizes available to fit most trucks and ATV's

  6. Increases profits

  7. reduces liabilities

  8. Increases productivity

  9. Promotes personal and highway SAFETY

  10. Installs in seconds

  11. No tools required

  12. Can be left on for continued use

  13. - stops loss of cargo

  14. Stops tarps from parachuting while driving ( when used over the top of tarp)

  15. A must for open bed hauling of any kind

  16. Closed hooks are used with cinch rope for 100% security of load. ( hook can't fall off of tie down point if load shifts)

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Loadtamer™ cargo nets - strong, rugged & reliable