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Gear Grabbers
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Gear Grabbers in Use

Gear Grabber super clamp #6

Part # Lt200226 holds objects 2-1/2'' - 9-1/2'' in diameter  Safe working load of 50 lbs ideal for fire extinguishers,02 tanks, propane tanks etc...

Gear Grabbers Biggest to smallest

From right to left #5-#4-#3-#2-#1

Part #LT100113 - Holds objects from

1” - 2-1/2” in diameter - holds shovels, axes, rakes, brooms. Great for work trucks, trailers, off road vehicles, military, atv’s, rv’s, and boats.

Safe working load is 25 lbs.

Gear Grabber mini clamp #2

Part# LT300522 holds objects

5/8'' - 1-3/8'' in diameter great for hand tools , small flash lights, brooms up to 25lb load

Gear Grabber Micro Mini Clamp #1

Part # LT300321 holds objects

1/2''-1-1/4'' in diameter uses include wire loom, pipe,fishing poles, small flash lights etc....

Gear Grabber Medium Clamp #4

Part # LT800114 Holds tools and equipment from 1-3/4'' - 2-7/8'' in diameter, safe working load 35 lbs

Gear Grabber long arm clamp #7

Part # LT400227   Holds items 1/2" to 4-1/2" in diameter great for high lift jacks, coiled rope wire hose, tools fire extinguishers etc... safe working load of 50 lbs

Gear Grabber Extra Large 2Pc - Clamp #8

Part# LT 600228  holds items up to 15" in diameter or items 28" in a linear direction, safe working load of 150 lbs, hold large bottles, jerry cans, floor jacks tool boxes etc.....

Gear Grabber Large #5

Part#  LT-500525  Holds objects from 2-3/4''to 3-1/2'' in diameter designed for fire dept hose nozzles, works on roll bars to mount items with out drilling. Safe working load 50 lbs

Gear Grabbers being used to hold an automatic locking door ajar while employees are on break.