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Rope locks work great on tent wind lines with no slipping or retightening....

Up close shot of wind line on tent

Networks Enterprises, Inc. is also the military and government distributor and marketer of the Cinching Rope Lock. This is the same rope lock that is used with all LoadTamerTM Cargo Restraining Net kits. In addition to it's use with the Cargo Nets, it is used as a stand alone accessory in other applications, most notably in tent wind line applications to guarantee a taut holding position replacing the "dog bones" that come loose in high winds, and allow the tent to parachute due to sagging sides.

3/16” (550 Cord) Rope Lock

5 Position Adjustable

Great for 550 Cord

NSN 4030-01-545-0882

Part# NEI316RL

3/8” Rope Lock

5 Position Adjustable

Most common on tent lines

NSN 4030-01-477-0524

Part# NEIPR054-001-B

1/2” Rope Lock

5 Position Adjustable

Heavy Duty

NSN 4030-01-545-0404

Part# NEI-12RL

Side by side comparison of all ropes

Locks 3/16”-3/8”-1/2”

(from right to left)

Traditional “Dog Bone”

Tent lines slips also available in black.


The 3/8” rope lock is used on all our LoadTamer Cargo Nets as part of our exclusive cinch rope system.